Hayyy girl Hayyy! Ladies- Meet Amie. On top of being a super creative and well-rounded entrepreneurial New Yorker, Amie has spent the last seven years perfecting her skills as a Freelance Web Designer. As if that isn’t enough to keep her busy, she has also recently introduced her very own handmade Eco product-based brand: Chin Up Prints. Amie is “versed in both design and coding/web-development and truly enjoys mixing creativity + technology to help entrepreneurs/passionate small business owners best express themselves through their websites”. She aims to provide her clients with “customized solutions over cookie-cutter plug and play websites” and believes this philosophy plays a huge part in her clients’ success.

As for Chin Up Prints, Amie “strives to stand against fast fashion by screen-printing her designs on upcycled clothing.” Each of her designs are created to express empowerment and compassion- they “aim to challenge people in both the way that they think about clothing and the world around them”.

Amie believes in “compassion, sustainability, and authenticity”. As a vegan (and highly sensitive Empath) these characteristics are reflected in her work. She starts every web project with an empathetic approach by understanding the business (or individual) on a personal level and finding the opportunities to help them express themselves genuinely and effectively. Amie believes that her client’s web presence should be an authentic representation of who they are and one that truly shows off of their individual uniqueness.

“Self-expression has always been a huge value” of Amie’s and in the past, she has struggled in environments where she felt like self-expression was being restricted. Since an early age, a lack of self-confidence is something Amie has had to overcome and she’s come a long way (by making many small but meaningful steps) over the years. Because of this, Amie believes in the power of self-improvement (by constantly working on yourself to craft the life you want) and she wants to share that with others.

Amie’s ultimate goal is to own a multi-purpose creative space that can serve the community with a mix of studio/co-working space and a hub for small business storefronts. This would “allow her to be the creative entrepreneur she wants to be and have multiple streams of income, while bringing positivity and connectedness to the community”.

This year Amie is looking forward to creating more products and growing Chin Up Prints- “now that she’s worked out some kinks/perfected her screen-printing process”.  Outside of Chin Up and her Web Design business Amie is super excited to begin writing eBooks and to continue skating (on her local women’s roller derby league). But above all, she can’t wait to meet tons of great new people while traveling abroad.

Show her some love y’all and you know she’ll do the same!

Business Contact Information:
Instagram: @chinupprints & @createnskate
Website: http://amie.design
Shop: http://etsy.com/shop/chinupprints
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amie-colosa/