Hayyy girl Hayyy! Ladies- Meet Talia. On top of being a super creative and talented young wife and mother (to one adorable three-year-old little boy) Talia has spent the last few years perfecting her skills as an Artist and bringing precious memories to life for hundreds of people!

In 2005, Talia opened her first Art Studio: Artists at the Falls and has been live-painting at various events/ restaurants for over a decade. Talia’s artistic goals are “to create paintings that capture a feeling, an emotion, something that brings her clients to a dreamy place.”

Although Talia has always loved the arts- it wasn’t until she painted a photo of her own wedding reception that she realized her true passion was for live-painting (at weddings) and it was this realization that took her career to the next level.

One year after her wedding Talia decided to turn her passion into a career- introducing her first live-painting company: Canvas and Confetti- “a service inspired by Talia’s passion for capturing momentous events with a paintbrush.”

Canvas and Confetti allows its clients to live in their special moments without the worry of capturing every play-by-play. Canvas and Confetti will arrive at your wedding (or special event) and paint the “scene” as it unfolds- live, in Talia’s impressionist painting style. The best part is, if you have a great photo that you would like painted afterwards, Canvas and Confetti offers this service as well.

With her phenomenal artistic skillset, her upbeat personality and her ability to accentuate even the smallest detail Talia has used Canvas and Confetti to capture every special moment of her client’s events. Everything from “that first kiss to that first dance- floral bouquets, wedding cakes and even family portraits are all brought to life (with no added stress on any big day). Canvas and Confetti aims to ease and create… Talia will bring the canvas, you just bring the confetti!”

Outside of her fulltime career Talia “lives for the arts”, she loves photography, singing, dancing, reading, watching great films, trying new foods and traveling the world. Talia was recently awarded a grant for an artist residency in Chateau Orquevaux and in just two weeks she will be embarking on a “painting adventure abroad in Switzerland and France (her husband and her son will be accompanying her on this journey which she is beyond excited about).”

This year Talia has a ton of events lined up (which she absolutely can not wait to paint) and she is looking forward to growing her business, connecting with new people, learning as much as possible and helping thousands of new clients capture all of the special moments that they never want to forget!

Show her some love y’all and you know she’ll do the same!

Business Contact Information:
Instagram: @canvasandconfetti
Email: info@canvasandconfetti.com
Website: www.canvasandconfetti.com