Hayyy girl Hayyy! Ladies- Meet Tori. On top of being a confident, caring and health-conscious young woman Tori has spent the last few years excelling in her career as a Registered Dietitian. Not only does Tori guide other women on their health journey but she has also geared her life to mirror exactly what she teaches her clients.

Tori has always been a huge advocate of cultivating a positive mind-body relationship and though she is beyond grateful for her relationships with her clients, she “rarely feels like she’s working because she has the opportunity to do what she loves every single day!”

Tori has been a Registered Dietitian for three years and has recently become the CEO of her very own company: Eaton Wellness- “a wellness company designed to help women gain confidence and clarity on their health journey.”

Tori believes in the importance of self-love and self-care- and because of this “she operates (both personally and professionally) on five core values: “Eat Food- mostly plants. Find an exercise you love and dedicate time to it every week. Prioritize sleep. Have fun- laugh as often as possible and be nice to people, including yourself.”

Outside of owning and operating her business fulltime (plus staying true to her clients and her values) Tori loves spending time with “her wonderful boyfriend and her two fur babies- Milo & Murphy.” She loves to read, write, travel and of course “soak up the sun on a white sandy beach” in her spare time.

This year Tori is working towards her IFNCP (Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner) credentials and she is looking forward to growing her business- “taking it to the next level through online programs (for women), corporate consulting and writing/blogging.”

Show her some love y’all and you know she’ll do the same!

Business Contact Information:
Instagram: @dietitiantori
LinkedIn: Tori Eaton
Website: www.eatonwellness.com