Hayyy girl Hayyy! Ladies- Meet Tayani. On top of being a super-empowering, self-motivated and purpose-driven GIRLBOSS Tayani has spent the last few years building and growing her very own marketing business: Intentionally POSH Marketing Agency. Intentionally POSH’s mission “is to activate your purpose driven life. Tayani and her team assist service-based entrepreneurs with the growth and development of their small (or start-up) companies- by taking a marketing analysis of their business and implementing grassroot/ non-traditional marketing strategies that are specifically tailored to their brand(s).” Intentionally POSH offers a wide variety of services ranging from 1-hour Discovery Calls (where clients become crystal clear about their identity, their purpose and ways to leverage in the market), a 90-Day Dream E-Course, and a 90-Day Group Coaching Program.

Tayani believes that “ you are put here to fulfill a purpose and when you wake up feeling unmotivated or uninspired, that’s a clear sign that you are not living out your full purpose… but when things haunt you and you can’t stop thinking about them- then you know you are on the right track (regardless of what you physically can see).” Tayani’s ultimate goal is to “inspire people to live out their intentional life. Whether her clients are looking to become full-time entrepreneurs or part-time entrepreneurs, Tayani’s life and business goals remain the same; to help her clients realize they are worthy of whatever it is that they believe.”

Intentionally POSH has been in business for 4 years now and they continue to grow and evolve every day! Tayani is truly “proud of the growth she has seen in her business and how she has been able to impact the lives of others- while helping them pursue their dreams (that’s her biggest reward).” Aside from growing and operating Intentionally POSH full-time Tayani is also involved with multiple organizations in Atlanta. One being, ‘Girl Gang Atlanta’- “which hosts super cute and amazing monthly events.”

This year Tayani is looking to hire two more team members (due to her company’s expansion) and she is very excited about Intentionally POSH’s upcoming events: Last Local Event in Houston (August 2-4, 2019) and Annual Retreat- in Iceland (November 2019). Wait, there’s more- Tayani and Intentionally POSH will be speaking in Houston this year during Essence Fest and they plan on meeting/taking on as many new clients as possible while they are there!

Outside of running her business, Tayani is “super excited to be on this self-love journey and she plans on taking time out to continue growing and learning more about herself. This year she is focused on “spending time with her self, trying new activities and stepping out of her comfort zone. Her main focus is to be used by God to fulfill her purpose- and she is open to whatever that looks like.”

Show her some love y’all and you know she’ll do the same!

Business Contact Information:
Instagram: intentionallyposh & tayanisamyra
LinkedIn: Tayani Tellis
Website: www.intentionallyposh.com
E-course: www.90daydream.online
Facebook: intentionallyposh 
Twitter: @intentionalposh