Hayyy girl Hayyy! Ladies- Meet Steph. On top of being a creative, super-motivated and fashionable young wife & mother (to three beautiful little ones) Stephanie has spent the last fifteen years teaching women how to own their style with ease! Steph graduated from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Respiratory Therapy but has always had a strong love for anything relating to fashion.

Four years ago, Steph became a stay at home mom which “gave her a lot of time to really find her passion”. After experimenting with a few of her different interests Steph came up with an idea that she absolutely loved and decided to get her Stylist certification in order to make it happen.

The following year Steph was able “to combine her love for teaching and fashion” by becoming a Personal Style & Wardrobe Coach and introducing her very own business- a service designed to help professional women build an online wardrobe of ease and versatility (to gain style, confidence and freedom).” All of Steph’s services promise to “guide her clients to the wardrobes they’ve always wanted -intentional wardrobes- allowing them to look good and feel great, while saving them time every morning.”

Steph’s ultimate goal is to help her clients succeed in: their style, their wardrobes and building their personal brands (that they can be proud of). Steph has structured her services to encourage women to “own who they are, love themselves and use fashion to showcase their confidence.” Steph believes that “style is for every woman… and sometimes it’s not quite defined- it might even go against the grain but each woman’s personal style is what makes them a unique individual.”

Outside of owning and operating her business full-time, Steph is also a very active member of her church- working primarily with the teen ministry. It’s important to Steph to be a mentor for young women. She feels that “she could have been saved some trouble and heartache in her younger years if she had someone to talk to”- so she makes it a point to be that someone for other young women.

This year Steph is looking forward to “traveling with her family, growing her business, doing what she loves and meeting new like-minded women.

Show her some love y’all and you know she’ll do the same!

Business Contact Information:
Instagram: @stephaniehicksco
Email: style@stephaniehicks.co
Website: www.stephaniehicks.co