Hayyy girl Hayyy! Ladies- Meet Caitlin. On top of being a super-outgoing wife (of seven years) and fearless fashionista Caitlin has spent the last 2.5 years building her online fashion boutique: styleNmotion. Caitlin introduced styleNmotion “with the intention of helping women find unique layers that they could dress up or down but to her surprise, her online boutique has transformed into so much more than she could have ever imagined”. This year, Caitlin has introduced her company’s in-person shopping events that include “education on how to dress your individual body-type and assistance in picking the perfect styles that allow you to feel confident each and every day”!

Caitlin believes that “women can do it all and they can look/feel fabulous while they’re doing it”. She focuses on the idea that her clients shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion and she believes that every woman “should look in the mirror each morning and love the person staring back at her”.

Before building her fashion empire, Caitlin was an accessory designer and a stylist at heart. “Starting in junior high Caitlin would pick out her outfits (the night before) and of course all of the accessories to go with it- just to make sure that each day consisted of a full head-to-toe look”. She always envisioned those middle school hallways to be her run way and knew that she wanted to give other women that same confident feeling.

This year Caitlin is “crazy excited to show her clients styleNmotion’s fall collection”- introducing various new colors and fabrics (for the ultimate mix and match wardrobe) … every single piece is gorgeous! She is looking forward to hosting multiple in-person shopping events and meeting as many phenomenal new confident-seekers as possible (all while buying and styling the fall collection).

Outside of running her business full-time and ensuring that “every single one of her customers walks away feeling amazing” Caitlin is stoked about traveling with her husband (Ryan) and attending a few monumental family engagements.

Show her some love y’all and you know she’ll do the same!

Business Contact Information:
Instagram: @stylenmotionshop
Website: www.stylenmotion.com